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For the past 14 years we have been using all our economic potential and long years of experience for the benefit of care and assistance to those in need of care as well as their relatives.

Malta-based Seniorenservices Ltd. was established by taking over the longstanding activities of MCL Seniorenservice, which has operated in the sector since 1999. Then, in May 2007, the company combined its economic potential and experience to help those who needed it most. Initially, the services were exclusively offered in Poland.

Relatively soon after, the first domestic helpers and caregivers for the elderly were assigned to Germany at the request of the customers. Due to our many years of experience and excellent know-how, we are now able to provide our numerous clients through our German-speaking staff with professional advice, help and care.

As from early 2011, we have cooperated with numerous partner agencies across the country, ensuring constant availability of our services. They will be your point of contact and arrange all the formalities. In cooperation with you, they will select a caregiver suited to your needs. Moreover, you will be looked after reliably and competently on site.

You can benefit from our experience and excellent customer service.

Sincerely, Seniorenservices LTD.

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