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It is our paramount mission to provide professional assistance, comprehensive and loving care with full professionalism to our clients in their usual environment, around the clock, in accordance with their individual needs.

The well-being of our clients and the comfort of their relatives are always at the centre of our considerations, in order to maintain and improve the independence of the person under our care. Naturally, all our staff speak German enabling you to communicate easily and clearly and to make all necessary arrangements.

Working with people on a daily basis - especially in the field of care - demands a high commitment. It is therefore a priority to create the preconditions for satisfactory work. With the help of staff surveys, we regularly monitor the fulfilment of this goal. Due to our further education and training measures, we help our staff not only to maintain the company-specific standard in care, but to constantly develop it further.

From a consumer's point of view, competition on prices in the market is certainly desirable. That is what we offer.

The mission and goal of our service are to provide versatile and need-oriented care. This is why we offer:

Permanent employment of a care assistant or domestic help
Meal preparation
Cleaning service
Laundry and ironing
Grocery shopping
Pet care
Flower care
Garden maintenance
Preserving, canning, pickling
Help with dressing/undressing
Bathing and showering
Comprehensive incontinence care
Preventative measures against bedsores
Assistance with medical recommendations
Guidance at doctor's appointments

Walks and excursions
Board games for seniors
Church visits

Support for the family and companionship are our primary goals.

That is why we stand for:

Empathy and humanity.

Around-the-clock care in your home.

Ample time with and for each other.

Lovely conversations and coffee together in the afternoon.

Specific needs and services can be discussed and agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. We create the framework conditions together, perfectly tailored to your family.

Any questions? Just ask us!

Would you like to have a specific offer adapted to your individual situation? Please simply fill out the questionnaire and send it back to us.

It goes without saying that our offer is completely non-binding and free of charge for you!

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